Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hello, Diana F+ :)

December was a good camera month for me. Not only did I receive a Fuji Instax Neo Classic for my birthday, but I also acquired another new camera for my collection. On Christmas Day I bought myself a Diana F+ on eBay. I got the pretty "Dreamer" edition. :D

I had always hoped to get the beautifully illustrated Qing Hua version of the Diana F+, but that one seems to be totally sold out everywhere I've looked. I wanted to treat myself to a new Lomography camera as it was Christmas, and I spotted that someone was selling these "Dreamer" edition ones brand new for £20(!) with postage, which was too amazing a discount to pass by. I'd never seen this version of the Diana before, but according to this list of all the Diana Clones it was an exclusive design for Urban Outfitters. It didn't come with a matching flash, like many of them do, but I so rarely use flashes that I don't mind.

I doubt I will be using this camera very often because it takes 120 film which is extremely expensive to get processed. I've never used 120 film before so I wasn't sure what type to get first. I bought a batch of 5 rolls of Kodak Portra to start with. It was tricky to load the first roll because I am totally new to it so I've no idea if anything is going to come out, but *fingers crossed* I'll have some interesting results to share from it soon! 


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  2. A good place to get your 120 film processed is DS Colour Labs in Manchester. Very reasonable, and they do black and white processing as well! I use them a lot =)

    1. Sorry I forgot to reply earlier....thanks, Emily. I use Photo Hippo normally, but I will keep them in mind too :) x


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