Sunday, 15 January 2017

Birmingham Instameet - Deritend

2/52 Birmingham from Deritend

Yesterday I went to an Instameet with over 100(!) other Birmingham Instagrammers. The Instameet took place in Deritend near Digbeth and was in collaboration with the Reclaim Photography Festival which you can read about here. I had never been to Deritend before, and I'm not sure I would ever go there by myself! But, it was certainly an interesting area to take photos and being in such a big group meant I didn't once worry about my safety or my camera's safety. It was rather cold and a bit rainy at times, but still really good fun. I'm sure it won't be the last Instameet I attend this year. :)

Since I wanted to get a film shot for week 2 of my 52 week project, I decided to take my Nikon F55 and shoot some black and white film which I developed yesterday evening.  

Here are some more from the morning... 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

52 Weeks of Film - 2017 - Week 1

This photo was instantly my favourite from the first week of my new film photography project.

I shot a roll of Rollei Redbird in my Nikon F55 when my mum and I went on a walk around Sutton Park on the last day of my Christmas holiday. It was my favourite kind of weather - frosty but sunny. As always Rollei Redbird gave me an interesting mixture of colours and tones ♥︎

Here are a few other shots from the morning... this camera makes taking double exposures a cinch! 

This last photo was from a roll of Poundland film I started before Christmas and finished on a walk in New Hall Country Park on New Year's Day. I really liked how the early evening sun was lighting up this leaf.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

My Photography Goals for 2017

1/52 Blue tit on a rainy day

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that everyone will have a happy and healthy new year. I can't say I am sorry to see the back of 2016 and hope that this year will be a much brighter one. I thought I'd start it by doing a little bit of bird photography. :)

I have a few personal goals for the year but will share my photography-related ones here. I've been mulling it over for weeks and have settled on attempting two “52 Week” projects... 
  • Complete a 52 Week Digital Photography project. For ages I felt like a 52 week project wouldn't be quite enough regular digital photography for me, but since I'm planning to do lots of film photography too, this year I feel like it will be perfect for me. Most likely I'll end up shooting one image each weekend, and most likely there will be a lot of bird photos!
  • Complete a 52 Week Film Photography project. I tried this once before and didn't get very far. However, I think now I've got the darkroom it should be easier and it will encourage me to use the darkroom regularly. I also want to shoot lots of colour film this year too. I recently stocked up on my favourite 35mm film – Rollei Redbird as well and, of course, I've got my Instant camera too so I'll use that a lot for the project as well when I'm short on time. 
  • Submit more photos to stock companies. Sometimes stock photography frustrates me but on the whole it's worth doing.
  • Go to a Birmingham Instameet. For a long time I felt like I wasn't into Instagram enough to go to one, but I'm starting to post more regularly on there now so I don't think I would feel so silly to go to a meet-up now.
  • Go to more photography/art exhibitions. This was a goal of mine last year and I didn't go to very many. I went to some in Edinburgh and that was about it!
Overall I hope to put a bit more time and energy into photography this year. I often didn't make a big effort with it last year. I would especially like to shoot a lot of film and use my darkroom as regularly as possible. I know I am extremely lucky to have it and want to make the most of it. :D

Friday, 30 December 2016

Favourite Photos of 2016: Film

This year I fell in love with film photography more than ever before and I am pretty certain that next year I will be shooting a lot more of it. I'm so glad I put the energy, time and money I did into learning the darkroom process, and creating my own darkroom. I love the hands-on experience of truly making the photos myself. It is so satisfying. :)

I also really enjoyed shooting so much colour film whilst I was in sunny Croatia in September and looking back at the photos I took there now, so many of them are firm favourites of mine.

My favourite film photos from this year include experiments with my Diana F+, home processed images from my darkroom, a couple of panoramic shots from gloomy Edinburgh,  a couple of Instax shots from London, and some extremely colourful shots from my holiday in Croatia - definitely a random mixture!

(My mum took that photo of me swimming in the sea on the left, but I wanted to include it here anyway as I love how it looks next to the one I took of the ship. Plus, it's a lovely happy memory from the year!) 

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Recent Darkroom Photos

Before I share my round-up of my favourite film photos from this year, I want to share a few photos I developed in my darkroom this week. For Christmas I got myself a Epson Perfection V550 film scanner, which arrived just this morning. I got it mainly to scan my 35mm negatives. It will make sharing all my future film photos so much easier and cheaper in the long run. It has taken me much of the morning to get it working properly with my MacBook, but now it is I'm really impressed by it!

All of these photos were taken with my newest camera, a Nikon F55, which hopefully I'll get around to blogging about in greater detail at some point.

I shot the majority of one roll of film around Birmingham city centre last Friday, mostly around the German Christmas market. I wasn't that happy with my shots at the market but liked this one I took inside the coffee shop, Second Cup, where my mum and I shared some delicious Gingerbread Sparkle cheesecake, and some Zucchini and Lime cake as well as some great coffee. :)

The other roll of film was all experimental shots taken in our house and back garden, and a couple in Sutton Park.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Favourite Photos of 2016: Digital

Happy Boxing Day all. I hope if you're reading this you enjoyed yesterday. My day was quiet, but relaxing. I had a fair bit of wine and lots of delicious food and some lovely presents, including a small Wacom drawing tablet. I'd wanted one for a while as I love the idea of mixing drawings with photographs. It'll be great fun to experiment with in the future. :)

It seems crazy that it's the end of the year already and it's time for my traditional annual round-up. The following are my favourite digital photographs I took this year. I don't feel I took very many photos this year compared to previous years, but that's not surprising given how much happened this year. I do hope that next year I'll have more time and energy to dedicate to photography and art though.

I hope you've enjoyed those. I'll be back with my favourite film photos of the year very soon.

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