Saturday, 22 April 2017

Saturday Birdwatching

I'm currently enjoying a lazy afternoon before I see a friend so thought I'd spend a bit of time photographing a few birds from the kitchen window. I sat by the window for just over half an hour and saw quite a variety.... :) 

We don't get chaffinches often but lately one has been visiting.

The bullfinch couple always turn up together!

This is the head of a little dunnock. It hid from my camera then quickly hopped down to the ground to look for bits of food.

I don't like the pigeons in the centre of Birmingham at all but the ones we get in the garden are cute. They have the prettiest coloured feathers too!

When I eventually move out of this house, birdwatching from this window will be one of the things I miss most! 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

52 Weeks Round-up: March (& Travel Plans!)

Wow, March went by in a bit of a flash! It's hard to believe it's so close to Easter now. I am really looking forward to the long weekend. :) 

The best day I had during March was definitely the last Friday of the month which I took off as holiday. I had a really fantastic day which included shopping for new work clothes (finally finding perfect fitting work trousers), coffee & pastries with my mum, seeing Beauty and the Beast at the cinema, meeting my brother for bentos and green tea ice-cream at Mount Fuji and best of all going to see The Jesus and Mary Chain again. :D It was one of the best gigs I've been to in recent years as I really enjoyed the support act as well - a Manchester band called The Slow Readers Club. I cannot stop listening to their album Calvacade. If you like Interpol and perhaps Depeche Mode you will probably like them!

Another thing I've been doing recently is planning holidays and trips for the year. This year I am going to be spoilt with not one but two holidays abroad in the autumn. :D I am off to Jersey in the Channel Islands, and...New York! I am hugely excited about both trips but particularly the latter as it's always been on my wishlist to go and I have never been anywhere outside of Europe. We're going for 10 nights so there should be plenty of time to do everything we want. :D Plus, we are going in the fall so I am hoping for some truly beautiful fall colours everywhere! I can't even begin to imagine how many photos I will take...! 

I will be travelling to Jersey by myself so I am really excited about having a week to do whatever I feel like, which will hopefully include a fair bit of swimming if the weather's good. :D As well as holidays I've planned a couple of trips to London, the first of which is in about a month's time so I'm really looking forward to that too! Lots to look forward to this year :D

Once again I haven't put a huge amount of time into taking photos lately, but I have been doing a fair few Getty submissions so at least I am catching up on that...I was wondering about switching to another stock photo company for a while, but have since changed my mind for the time being so now it's a case of uploading all the potentially sell-able photos I've been doing nothing with the past few months!

Anyway, I have babbled enough so here are my project photos from March...


10/52 Polyanthus

11/52 Colourful Inks

Experimenting with water and Windsor Newton drawing inks :D

12/52 Pins

Some of my collection -  I have over 80(!) now. I keep meaning to do a post about some of my favourites and favourite pin designers. I will hopefully get around to it soon.


9/52 Daffodils

10/52 Wispy

I really like how this one came out. It was shot on Kodak Portra 120 using my Diana F.

11/52 Contrast

12/52 Fluffy Blossom

On Instax film



I have just a couple more Instax shots to share from March...who can resist capturing spring blossoms on sunny days? Not me, that's for sure!


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Old Family Photos

I have something a little different to share here today. After my grandpa passed away just over 3 years ago we inherited a lot of his old photos. I recently picked out some that I want to keep for myself and thought it would be nice to share a selection of them here. 

My granny and grandpa, and a very distinguished looking stranger in a fine hat! At least, I assume he is a stranger, but I don't actually know.

My grandpa and, I assume, my dad although it could be my uncle

My granny with, again, with my dad or uncle

I don't know who the man with the pipe is. It's so bizarre to think that there was a time men wore suits to the seaside!


My granny had written on the back of this photo that "the presence of the small boy is purely accidental!". I think he makes the photo :)

I'd love to know what camera was used for these shots. I'll definitely treasure them!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

52 Weeks Round-up: February

Well this post is very overdue because I took forever to shoot just one(!) roll of colour film in February and I only got the negatives back from the lab this week.

Aside from going to see Tegan & Sara (which was great fun), February was a bit of a quiet month for me and I didn't take many photos overall, but I spent some time doing other photography/art related things. I'm beginning to organise a lot of my film photos into albums. I have a lot of 6x4 film prints so this is a major task! I am planning to create a large collage out of a lot of them as well but I haven't got very far with it yet - I'm sure I'll take a photo when I'm making some progress.

I also did a fair bit of doodling with Pro-markers and some painting too. I got some new acrylics lately and I also got a set of very expensive drawings inks which are really fun and messy to experiment with. I watched the Big Painting Challenge on BBC1, which incidentally, finished this evening and I'm distraught! But, the series definitely inspired me to get back into art. :D

So anyway, here are my digital photos for my 52 Week Project from February...


6/52 Crow at Sunset

7/52 Doodles

These are actually some I did last year and they are on my bedroom wall. They are all A3 sized.

8/52 One Year Ago

9/52 Cup of Flowers

These were a gift from Lesley and I couldn't resist photographing them. Thank you again, Lesley!


Here are my film photos for my 52 week project from February. They were all shot on a type of 35mm film I have never used before called Color Implosion by Adox which is meant to give "imploding colours, bursting red and toxic grain". I haven't noticed the red much, but the grain is certainly very noticeable. In fact I think this film may be too grainy for my liking. But I'm glad I've tried something different and I do like the slightly surreal tones it gives.

5/52 Canal

6/52 Footprints

We had a tiny amount of snow in February.

7/52 Ripples


I also shot one roll of 120 in my Diana Dreamer during the end of Feb/Early March...

8/52 Higher and Higher

I decided to edit this one a little on Photoshop. I realise this is a somewhat controversial thing to do if you're a photography buff, but personally I don't see the problem with editing a film photo. It brought out the contrast in the clouds I remember seeing on the day.


I have just one digital "bonus photo" that isn't part of my 52 week project...and a few film ones.



Here are a few extras from the day that I took that canal photo in week 5. My mum and I spent the day in Birmingham city centre. We went out for lunch and went to BMAG to see the Night at the Museum exhibition. I really loved the unique way that this exhibition was set up. It featured work by lots of different artists with a focus on people looking at works  of art containing the colour blue. I didn't take many photos in the exhibition itself but there are some great photos on the BMAG website if you'd like to see more.

And the rest are all from the day it snowed... :)

And that was February!

Friday, 3 February 2017

52 Weeks Round-up: January

This year I am attempting 2 x 52 week photography projects. One digital image a week, and one film image a week. Naturally, I am taking many more photos than that and then picking my favourites for the 2 projects. :)

These are my pictures from January for the digital project.

1/52 Blue tit in the rain

2/52 Winter Daisies

3/52 Tiny Blue Hearts

4/52 On the Ice

5/52 Robin

And these are my shots for the film project.

1/52 Dream Birds

2/52 Birmingham from Deritend

3/52 Sparks

4/52 Post-rain Sunshine


I'm really enjoying both of these projects so far. :D

Here are a few other favourites from the month as well...


Winter Rainbow

Gulls on the Ice

Two Swans



Winter Trees

St Martin in the Bull Ring